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Newcastle, Australia

Phone: 0400 308 872

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Email: kazzardee.com.au

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Karen E Davies, is a multi talented educator and musician.

Her creative ideology borrows from Paublo Friera and the ideals of cultural action.... Involving whole communities of people in the creative process.

Wots On and Happenings

Karen E Davies is active in:


Creating group music opportunities for children

Building functional literacy

Working in electronic music with Red Orchestra

Media & Journalistic Writing

The Songs

Below are 4 samples of Karen E Davies aka kazzardee's musical works', recorded with The Apparitions, a loose collective of musicians from Darwin.

The Songs

Tsunami, One Day, The Estate, Tracker

c. 2007 copywrite belongs on all songs to Karen Edith Davies and Brian Cullen (Tsunsami m&l, One Day ( l )

http://kazzardee.tripod.com/webonmediacontents/One Day.mp3|One Day

http://kazzardee.tripod.com/webonmediacontents/The Estate.mp3|The Estate